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7-year-old spends $6,000 playing Jurassic World on dad’s iPad

Andrea on January 5, 2016 - 2:42 pm in Apps, Games


If there was any doubt left why nearly every mobile game is built around in-game purchases, this should help dispel it. A seven-year-old British kid recently blew $2,200 in a single hour playing Jurassic World.

This kid was spending money like a virtual John Hammond. All told, he racked up more than $6,000 in charges on his dad’s debit card while building his tiny, digital park on his old man’s iPad. Dad didn’t notice that anything was amiss until his debit card was finally rejected while trying to pay an invoice with it more than a week later.

He’s been in touch with his bank’s anti-fraud department, and he’s not too impressed with Apple. According to the 32-year-old Mohamed Shugaa, Apple should’ve been been on the case and noticed spending that didn’t line up with his usual habits.

Apple, on the other hand, is happy to process the payments and remind parents to do things like turn on parental controls in iOS and keep their iTunes passwords confidential. Shugaa definitely hadn’t set up any restrictions, and while he thought his password was safe, that turned out not to be the case. His son was indeed familiar with his iTunes password, and that’s all he needed to pick up a pile of extra dino bucks to repeatedly upgrade his park.

Looks like it’s time to read up on parental controls… and maybe have a chat with the lad about getting by on free in-game goodies. After that, maybe he can teach him how to work the ad-supported angle to squeeze a few extras out of Ludia. Or, you know, stick to installing games that don’t try to bleed you dry with DLC.

Source: News – Geek.com


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