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Automatically zap away your iPhone screenshots with Screeny and save space

Andrea on March 21, 2015 - 10:57 pm in Apps
Grabbing a screenshot is often the fastest way to make sure you have that boarding pass available or can capture an image of that weird bug your iPhone is experiencing. However, screenshots can clutter up your camera roll rather quickly. Those cute pictures of your kids, cats, or other images you want to look at can get harder to find when they’re hidden amongst a bunch of coupon codes or airline reservations.

If this is a problem you can identify with, then you’ll want to grab Screeny ($0.99) from the App Store. In just a few steps it effortlessly wipes clean your camera roll of screen shots, even telling you how much space you saved and giving you the ability to schedule a future cleaning. Here’s how it works.

Why you want this

Parsing through your photos to eliminate old screenshots is time consuming. If you don’t do it, though, they’ll just sit there taking up space and eventually eat into your cloud storage.

Screeny tells you how much storage you'll save by getting rid of all those screenshots.

Plus, you probably take more screenshots than you realize. If you don’t, there are several situations in which you’ll find it to be useful. If you want to use a coupon, it’s often easier to grab a screenshot instead of digging through your email to find the right message. Also, it’s great for remembering a website you want to revisit, or for capturing a tweet that you think may get deleted later.

Using Screeny takes substantially less time than it would take to find your screenshots manually — especially if you have years of photos in your camera roll through successive iPhone upgrades.

How Screeny works

Screeny is both simple to use and well-designed. When you fire it up, you’ll need to grant access to your camera roll. Then it will present you with a list of all the images it thinks are screenshots. From here you have the ability to delete all of them or select the ones you want to get rid of.

Delete all those past screenshots in one fell swoop.

After this, Screeny will then delete them and tell you how much space you saved. If you take a lot of screenshots, you can tell Screeny to remind you to clean them up at some point.

The app is iOS only, so Android users are out of luck. Other apps from Screeny’s development portfolio are on Google’s platform, so there is always hope. But if you have an iPhone, this is one dollar well spent on keeping all your pictures clutter-free from an excessive number of screenshots.

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