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Magic Leap’s ‘Cinematic Reality’ platform is about to get some Google love

Andrea on October 26, 2014 - 2:59 pm in Apps
Ever since Facebook gobbled up Oculus, there’s been a lot of questions asked about the future of virtual reality. Whether or not Facebook ruins the Oculus Rift isn’t really a conversation worth having yet, but you can bet that there are plenty of companies making moves to offer some kind of competition in the near future.

Google in particular is a company well worth keeping an eye on, especially since it looks like the Mountain View search giant is about to invest some serious money in what is being called “Cinematic Reality” from Magic Leap.

If you’ve never heard of Magic Leap before, there’s a good reason for that. Magic Leap doesn’t have a product yet, at least not really. Only a handful of people have ever experienced what this company is working on, but each of them has either walked away truly impressed or immediately gone to work for the company.

Magic Leap is working hard to distance themselves from names like virtual reality and augmented reality, saying that these are names tied to the past. Instead, Magic Leap calls what they are working on “Cinematic Reality” and aims to deliver this apparently mind-bending experience through a pair of glasses.

What makes any of this interesting is the notion that Google is planning to invest heavily in the organization. If you look at all of the artwork on Magic Leap’s website, the idea seems to be that it will be difficult to distinguish reality from “Cinematic Reality” when using their hardware.

When you consider all of the work Google has done with Glass as well as their portfolio of location aware software offerings, it’s not hard to imagine Google wanting to wield this kind of technology as a tool to compete with Facebook’s Rift. Even if Magic Leap seems like vaporware right now, we’ve seen plenty of fantastic things come to life when powered by the minds and bank accounts at Google.

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