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New Wakie alarm clock forces you to have a conversation with a stranger

Andrea on December 7, 2014 - 12:15 am in Apps
There’s a new app on the market aimed at trying to help you wake up in the morning, but rather than a blaring tone, Wakie forces you to have a minute-long phone conversation. The logic behind the wake-up process here isn’t terrible, since you’re more likely to be fully awake after a short conversation than you would be if you just reached out to hit snooze. Since most people don’t have a person in their lives that will call them on the phone every single morning at 7AM to have this conversation, the Wakie app exists to pair you up with a totally random stranger instead.If every person on the planet were super cool, or if the Wakie app had some sort of screening process for people they put into your call queue, this probably wouldn’t be an awful idea. Unfortunately, neither of those things are true. Wakie lets anyone sign up with the same amount of information you need to create a Gmail account, and you can choose to either make or receive calls through the app. The call data is anonymized through the app, so neither side of the call knows what numbers are being used, but through the use of a profile photo snagged from a screenshot of the app and a lucky Google Image Search, it’s not hard to imagine how things could go horribly wrong.Wakie is a free app, and there are in-app tools to report abuse, but it’s still really hard to imagine why this seemed like a good idea. It’s one thing to believe that most people out there are generally good-natured, but it’s another thing altogether to trust that you would want to wake up to those total strangers talking you into consciousness every morning. I mean, you’ve been on internet forums, right?

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