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Opera Mini now has two compression modes: high and extreme

Andrea on September 10, 2015 - 12:55 am in Apps


For years, Opera has been compressing web pages to let its users squeeze a little more usage out of their bandwidth caps and slow connections. Things sometimes get lost during compression, but Opera says they’ve solved that problem now.

With the latest Opera Mini release for Android, Opera has introduced a second Turbo compression mode. Users can now choose between high and extreme. Extreme provides the familiar Turbo experience. Data savings are at their peak — a reduction of up to 90% on some web pages — but there’s going to be some collateral damage.

Some images may get dropped an layouts could be altered, but that’s OK. When you select extreme mode in Opera Mini, you’re telling it to conserve as much bandwidth as possible. If that means avoiding excessive usage fees, it’s well worth the odd missing or misaligned pixel here or there.

Shift the browser down into high mode, though, and you can split the difference. Surfing with Opera Mini will still reduce the number of bytes you’re downloading, it just doesn’t squeeze quite as hard: Opera estimates a maximum savings of about 50%. That’s still pretty respectable, and Opera does it without as much breakage.

Most websites will still look pretty close to the way they do if you had compression turned off completely. You can even watch YouTube and Netflix videos, and they’ll be compressed, too. Not 50%, obviously, but you’ll still be conserving a bit of additional bandwidth. Support for additional video sites should be on the way soon, too. Opera’s pressing hard to deliver additional Turbo improvements to its users.

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