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Teen killed after locating his lost smartphone with a tracking app

Andrea on June 19, 2015 - 12:13 am in Apps
Linking your mobile devices to a tracking service is a very good idea in case they get lost or stolen. But actually using tracking services to go find your device is not always a safe thing to do as one Canadian teen found at the cost of his life in London.Jeremy Cook, an 18-year-old from Ontario, left his smartphone in a taxi while visiting London. He’d linked it up to a tracking service and used an app to locate it. Accompanied by a relative, he followed the app’s directions to an address at the north end of London which turned out to be a parking lot. When he arrived, Cook was met by three men in a Mazda sedan.

Little is known about the conversation that was had, but the car drove off without Cook getting his phone back. So he grabbed on to the driver’s door, shots were fired at Cook, who died at the scene from his injuries. The car was later found by police after it had been involved in a collision, and Cook’s smartphone was still inside.

The three men who were in the car are now wanted in connection with Cook’s death. All are thought to be aged between 18 and 21 and are described as follows:

  • Black male, wearing a white shirt with a black design.
  • Black male, with very short hair, wearing a black jacket or shirt and a fitted hat.
  • Black male of slim build, wearing a blue shirt and a black hat.

The police rightly state that this is an extreme case, but also warn the public that anyone using these apps to track lost or stolen goods should be prepared for an unexpected outcome or confrontation. No piece of technology is worth getting injured or killed over, so just walk away in such situations if they happen.

Our thoughts are with Jeremy’s family at this time.

Source: Apps – Geek.com


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