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GoCam extends selfies beyond the length of your arm

Andrea on July 12, 2014 - 11:36 am in Gadgets
Love them or hate them, selfies seem to be very popular with the majority of people who own a smartphone. However, selfies are limited by the fact you typically have to hold the phone in order to capture one. That limits the poses you can make and the number of people you can fit in the picture as Ellen’s famous Oscars selfie clearly demonstrated.

Swedish start-up Crunchfish has decided to solve this problem by removing the need to hold your camera when capturing a selfie. It has achieved this by introducing hand gesture recognition as can be seen in the video below.

The gestures are recognized up to 3 meters away from your smartphone’s camera. That’s more than enough freedom for a selfie and should hopefully allow for a lot more variation in the images. The major downside to this will be your battery life. Having the camera and display active while waiting for a hand gesture is going to use a lot more juice than just tapping the screen to take a pic.

The system also extends to capturing videos. Crunchfish has implemented gestures for copying and pasting the content you capture to other apps. For example, you could take a selfie and then with a gesture open you messaging app and paste the photo into a message with another gesture. However, it’s unclear if this functionality has made it into the final GoCam app.

GoCam isn’t available to use just yet, but the roll out will start in Crunchfish’s home of Sweden first as a free download. It’s also going to be limited to Apple devices initially.

Source: Apps – Geek.com

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