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Intel’s tiny Edison dev board is now on sale for $54

Andrea on September 27, 2014 - 11:41 pm in Gadgets
Intel’s diminutive Edison development board is finally up for sale, and you can snag one from them for just $50. It might not be as tiny as Intel initially wanted it to be, but it’s still small enough to cram into just about whatever connected creation you can dream up.

It is a bit of a bummer that Edison had to outgrow its SD card form factor, but the finished product measures just 35.5mm by 25mm. That’s about one-third the size of a Raspberry Pi and about half as big as an Arduino Uno. Breakout boards make it slightly larger, but size wasn’t as much of a concern for Intel once they decided that Edison would be a better fit for prototyping IoT devices than wearables.

Last we heard, it looked like Edison wasn’t going to ship with Intel’s low-power Quark processor. As it turns out, it does feature a 100MHz 32-bit Quark chip. It’s been teamed up with a dual-core 500MHz Silvermont Atom, not replaced by it. Edison is also still fully Arduino compatible, from its GPIO pins to the code you’ve already written for your Uno. It’s also ready to connect with 802.11bgn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0LE right out of the box.


Can’t wait to get started with Intel’s miniature x86 dev board? You can order one now from Mouser for $54, but stock hasn’t arrived yet. Sparkfun is also offering Edison and Intel’s breakout board for $74.95 and a nice starter pack that includes a battery and console blocks (to help deliver power to the board), as well as a breakout board. They’re listed at $74.95 and $114.95, but both are currently on backorder there, too.

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