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Nano Carbon promises to fix your game cartridges so you don’t blow on them

Andrea on December 15, 2015 - 12:37 am in Gadgets


Remember how you used to blow on your game cartridges as a kid to get them to work? Well, we know now that doing so was not the best idea in the world, what with the moisture inherent in everyone’s breath. So we stopped doing that and have been looking for alternative ways to clean those contact points on our aging carts. And now one has presented itself in the form of a cartridge cleaning kit.

It’s called the Nano Carbon for Game Cassette, and if you hadn’t guessed from the name already it’s a Japanese product. It’s set to be released next month and will be available through import specialist Play Asia.

So, what do you get in this cartridge cleaning kit?


The main component is a vial of fluid referred to as a “special conduction agent” that can be applied to the contact points of a game cartridge using one of the included swabs. It apparently fills any small irregularities in the metal surface and allows for a better signal to flow when electricity is applied. The agent doubles as a protective layer meaning a cartridge should work for a long period of time after application without further blowing.

Although marketed for game cartridges from the SNES and Game Boy right up to the PS Vita and 3DS, the solution can be used on any metal connectors including USB cables, SD cards, and even headphone jacks. At $14.99 it’s certainly not a cheap kit, especially considering the amount of solution you get. I suspect someone will figure out what the ingredients are and post a recipe so you can make it yourself. That’s assuming it works, of course.


Source: Games – Geek.com


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