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Visually arresting video needed just powder and a speaker

Andrea on April 14, 2014 - 10:59 pm in Gadgets
powder + speaker
Sometimes the simplest of elements can be combined to create the most interesting of results. And I’m not talking about the old baking soda-plus-vinegar volcano, this is the combination of nothing more than an active subwoofer cone and a dust-like powder. The two were all it took to create this incredibly cool video, though the addition of a Red Epic camera certainly helped.The video, entitled The Essence of Sound, features lycopodium powder dancing around on top of a subwoofer. Lycopodium is better known as flash powder, as in the stuff that was used in the pyrotechnic explosions that lit old-timey photographs. It’s still used to in laboratory settings, for instance when it’s necessary to make sound waves visible (as we see here). Basically, lycopodium is the best way possible to make a fireball on a budget, but it’s also quite handy for other things as well.

Below the powder is a subwoofer doing exactly what subwoofers do. As the subwoofer bounces the powder hypnotically moves creating the incredible forms we see. The patterns aren’t quite as regular as one would expect, so it’s likely that there is more too the situation than just a speaker with some dust on it, but that’s essentially what we’re looking at.

None of this would have been possible without the marvel that is the Red Epic. We know this camera was used to record the event, though that’s the only detail mentioned about the photography. Regardless of the gear, from watching the video you can see that the tiny movements of the particles were captured with an amazing level of detail and in incredible color. What could have been a blurry mess was transformed into a video that’s both a technical and visual feat.

The video was made in collaboration with German audio maker Burkhardtsmaier, who is currently featuring the video prominently on its homepage.

Source: Science – Geek.com

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