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Candy Crush Saga causes man’s thumb tendon to rupture

Andrea on April 22, 2015 - 2:02 pm in Games
It’s no secret that there are free-to-play mobile games on app stores created in such a way as to make you want to play them all the time. This in turn leads to a subset of players becoming addicted to those games while spending a small fortune on in-app purchases. For one man, it also resulted in him rupturing a tendon in his thumb.The 29-year-old man in question is addicted to playing Candy Crush Saga. He spent 8 weeks playing the game all day with his left hand while using his more dominant right hand to attempt to function as a normal human being. At some point he became unable to move his left thumb and experienced chronic pain. Doctors soon discovered his “left extensor pollicis tendon” had ruptured.


We’ve all heard of BlackBerry thumb–a form of repetitive strain injury from pressing buttons repeatedly, but in this case the injury surprised doctors because of one thing: the intense pain the man should feel, but didn’t during play.

The tendon injury was at its thickets point, which apparently is very painful to the point of being unable to ignore it. However, his addiction to the game meant that pain was blocked while he played, which could only have made the problem worse and eventually led to the rupture. The study’s conclusions of this case suggest there’s research to be done in the field of video games, addiction, and injury.

With the popularity of Candy Crush Saga and similar repetitive tapping games, it seems unlikely this tendon rupture will be an isolated case. What I don’t understand is why he didn’t do something earlier about his thumb. Sure, he played all day, but he had to stop to eat and sleep, at which point the pain would become very noticeable.

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