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Classic Sega arcade games rebuilt in Lego

Andrea on March 27, 2015 - 11:06 pm in Games
Growing up, I spent plenty of time in the arcades at the local college and a nearby amusement park. While I normally saved my quarters for games that I was better at (like Xevious and 1942), Sega’s awesome immersive machines stole plenty of my hard-earned coins.

These minifig-scale Lego reproductions of three of Sega’s greatest games from the 80s, however, will only take your money once.

Let’s start with Out Run. It was cool enough that Sega’s sit-down systems made you feel like you were getting behind the wheel of an actual Ferrari Testarossa, but they took things a step further by building in stereo speakers and letting us “tune” the car’s radio to our favorite station.


Another unforgettable machine: Space Harrier, with its breakthrough 16-bit graphics and frantic battles against the crazy one-eyed mammoths and other mystical beasties of the Fantasy Zone. It was also one of the first arcade games to feature a flight stick — which has been cleverly mimicked with a Lego revolver.

Finally, along came Thunder Blade. Sega added a throttle and shifted gameplay between two different perspectives, top-down and third-person. The system itself was every bit as impressive as the game: it looked like Sega ripped a seat right out of Blue Thunder and shoved it on to a pair of scaled-down skids.


You can thank Lego Ideas user SpacySmoke for these little blasts from the past, and what better way to say thanks than by heading on over and lending your support. He’s got a long way to go before reaching the required 10,000 votes, so let’s help him get there!

There’s no guarantee Lego’s review board will greenlight the set even if enough votes are cast… but unless these arcade classics hit the magic number we’ll never know what might’ve been!

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