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Destiny beta is so popular that it knocked PSN offline

Andrea on July 31, 2014 - 9:50 am in Games
Bungie’s eager fans are mashing download buttons on PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles all over the world today, thanks to the release of the beta for their latest game. Unfortunately for some, Destiny’s popularity has proven so vast that the PlayStation Network is having trouble keeping up.

While it may be hard to shake some of the undeniably Halo-esque game features we’ve seen in the demo videos so far, Destiny seems to be living up to the hype that Bungie has been stuffing into it for the past year. It’s the first major project the team has released since its departure from Microsoft, after handing off the Master Chief and his pals to 343 Studios, and it’s finally time for players to jump into this world.

Bungie’s Destiny beta has officially begun for the PS4 and PS3, with Xbox One and Xbox 360 players set to join soon enough, but it looks like Sony is experiencing some day one problems as a result of the excitement.


Sony’s support forums currently have a warning that states the PSN is “currently experiencing high volume and users may experience issues when connecting to the service.” This message walks hand-in-hand with users taking to social networks to express frustration when trying to download and log into the beta. Curiously, day one of the beta was originally expected not to have quite as many users logging on. The original plan, as laid out by Bungie, was to ramp up the number of beta access codes over the next few days, eventually ending with everyone who pre-ordered the game having a code that granted them access to the game.

With any luck, this is a temporary hiccup that will quickly be resolved. If anything, this speaks to the incredible popularity Destiny has already achieved, which will undoubtedly continue to climb as we move closer to the September 9 launch of the game.

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