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GTA V arrives November 18 on PS4 and Xbox One, PC gamers left waiting until January

Andrea on September 18, 2014 - 6:48 pm in Games

GTA V next-gen
Last month a rumor appeared suggesting Rockstar was going to delay Grand Theft Auto V’s release on next-gen consoles and PC until 2015. Today, Rockstar has confirmed that rumor to be at least partly true seeing as we expected all versions to arrive this year.In a press release Rockstar has confirmed that GTA V will launch for PS4 and Xbox one on November 18. However, if you’ve been waiting to play the game on PC, then stop looking forward to spending your Christmas roaming around Los Santos. Rockstar isn’t releasing the PC version until January 27 next year.

No reason has been given for the additional delay for the PC version of the game, but it is typical of GTA releases. I’m sure Rockstar factored in the additional load on its servers for GTA Online as it becomes available on three new platforms. Staggering the release makes a lot of sense from that perspective.

As well as confirming the final release dates Rockstar has also detailed why it’s worth picking up these new versions of the game, even if you played through the PS3 or Xbox 360 version last year. The main draw? New content.

Rockstar is promising new weapons, activities, vehicles, over 100 additional songs and DJ mixes, extra wildlife, a brand new foliage system, and enhanced damage and weather effects. The draw distances will be much improved, and the overall look of the game is going to be enhanced. For GTA Online Rockstar is increasing the player count to 30 on consoles, although PC isn’t mentioned so it may turn out to be even higher. We also get all the extra content launched since last September on launch day of these new versions, and you can transfer your existing characters and progression from PS3/Xbox 360.

Pre-ordering the game comes with the bonus of $1 million to spend, split in half across Story Mode and GTA Online. Are you tempted, or was the last-gen version not something you’re bothered about experiencing again in HD?

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