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Kickstarter’s reign of video game terror may be over soon, analysts suggests

Andrea on October 7, 2014 - 3:26 pm in Games
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Ever since Double Fine took to Kickstarter to fund the game that ended up being the first half of Broken Age, the crowdfunding platform has exploded in popularity — especially within the video game industry. Games are funded left and right on Kickstarter, but the usual downfalls of Kickstarter — underestimating funds, delivering an inferior product than what was promised, or not delivering at all — plague the industry. If you’re sick of the crowdfunding craze, don’t worry: analysts suggest that the trend is in decline.

Some would say that aside from churning out over-promised-but-under-delivered games, crowdfunding has even negatively impacted the video games news cycle. Read about a cool, promising new game? There’s a decent chance it’s a crowdfunding project and not even green-lit for development just yet. Consultancy firm ICO Partners states that both the amount of Kickstarter games projects and amount of money raised are both dropping.

The firm looked at six months of data, and found that Kickstarter game projects in 2014 are expected to raise less than half the amount of money than those of 2013. When the year is said and done, ICO Partners projects the number of successfully funded Kickstarter games to be around 350, whereas 2013 saw 446.

Though ICO projects a decline for 2014, the comparison year — 2013 — happens to be the most successful year ever for games on the crowdfunding service. However, the amount of money raised — not successfully funded projects — for the year could be cause for concern. 2013 raised just under $59 million total, whereas 2014 is so far projected to reach around $27 million. The report also points out that Kickstarter has lost some of its luster, and games journalists are covering projects less and less.

So, while Kickstarter is nowhere near the brink of collapse, it does appear to be loosening its tyrannical grip on the games industry, if only slightly. The report is filled with interesting facts, so give it a scan the next time you take a break from funding retro pixelated rogue-likes.

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