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Microsoft remakes famous Gears of War trailer for upcoming Ultimate Edition

Andrea on August 31, 2015 - 4:55 pm in Games


Gears of War was one of the first big exclusive hits for the Xbox 360 when it came out way back in 2006. The game has spawned several sequels, but now Microsoft is going back to pretty up the original. Gears of War Ultimate Edition is headed to the Xbox One later this month, and Microsoft has refreshed that famous 2006 Gears trailer to get people hyped for the remake.

Even if you never played Gears of War, you very well may have seen the Mad World trailer. It features the protagonist, Marcus Fenix, running through the ruined streets of Sera as he fights the Horde. All the game audio is muted, leaving just the melancholy rendition of “Mad World” by Gary Jules. It effectively takes the action-packed combat and makes it feel emotional. Game trailers can be really great sometimes. You can see the original immediately below, and the remake at the bottom.

The the Ultimate Edition trailer is not a shot-for-shot remake, which I actually think would have been more effective both emotionally and to show off the visual improvements. It has the same version of “Mad World” playing, and again, all the game audio is muted. Several of the shots early on are the same as the original, but from there it looks like Microsoft tried to choose flashier scenes from the remake. That’s not necessarily bad, but it doesn’t seem to sync up with the music as well.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition includes several new game chapters, improved controls, and of course, much prettier graphics. It’s out on August 25 for Xbox One and will come to Windows 10 PCs in the not too distant future.

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