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Sony might have a gigantic surprise announcement at E3 2014

Andrea on June 13, 2014 - 8:25 am in Games
 Sony E3
Each year in June, the video game masses descend upon California for E3, the single most important video game show. The conference has always been where huge industry announcements are made, but this year, Sony’s announcement might be enormous. The company is broadcasting its E3 2014 keynote at over 40 movie theaters throughout the country, which would certainly be disappointing hype if nothing extremely exciting happened.

Now, there is usually some kind of surprise at E3 every year, but the companies rarely specifically claim one will happen. Couple that with Sony broadcasting the keynote across United States movie theaters, and it’s not irrational to think that Sony is going to announce something it doesn’t want us to miss. Considering Sony has never wanted anyone to miss its E3 conference, the announcement will likely be something big, but what could it be?

The PS4 is enjoying both phenomenal sales and press ever since its launch (thanks in part to its competition being viewed as significantly less appealing, so far), and the E3 after a console releases tends to be the one where companies have to keep the launch momentum by showing off the future of the gaming library. So, big game announcements are a given, especially since we already know Naughty Dog is working on Uncharted 4, but could a single game announcement be so big that it requires 40 movie theaters? We also know that Project Morpheus, Sony’s Oculus Rift competitor, will be making an appearance, so that won’t be too surprising. PlayStation Now, Sony’s game streaming service, is set to launch this summer, so it will likely be at E3 as well and won’t be anything we haven’t seen before.

It’s entirely possible that Sony is simply milking the PS4′s goodwill and hoping we buy some movie tickets, but it likely wouldn’t want to cause any sort of backlash by hyping up a subpar show to the degree.

Sony’s 2014 E3 conference will kick off at 9PM ET on June 9. The tickets to the theater events are free, but you need to register in advance, which you can do here.

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