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Xbox One Keyboard and mouse support ‘aren’t far away’

Andrea on July 24, 2015 - 3:41 am in Games
There’s been something missing from the Xbox One since launch that a lot of players have eagerly hoped and waited for, and a vague tweet from Xbox chief Phil Spencer hints at a critical update in the works: native support for a mouse and keyboard.

This comes on the cusp of the launch of Windows 10, which has the cool feature for gamers of enabling them to stream Xbox games to a PC. No more fighting over TV time with your partner, you can game while he catches up on the latest Arrow.

In response to a few tweets about being able to reverse the mirror function, streaming your PC to the Xbox, Spencer addresses that yes, the system would need to be able to support peripherals like a mouse and keyboard for in game use, and says those this may be in the pipeline. But how long exactly is “far away?” Is there anything more to this reply than just an executive appeasing his loyal subjects?

Keyboard and mouse

Until now, if you wanted to use your mouse or keyboard on the Xbox One for games, you would have to buy a third party piece of equipment. If Microsoft offered this in the Windows 10 update, and brought it over for Xbox gameplay, it would mean no more spending extra money on extra equipment. You could just plug in an (arguably, and possibly equally expensive to an adapter)  Xbox-branded mouse and keyboard and be good to go. Or maybe it will just support any old USB device, which would be great for those of us who have our favorite PC gaming gear that’s set to our specifications.

This seems like the next logical step for the company, who is trying to completely streamline your home entertainment experience. Remember, at E3 this year Microsoft announced the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller, which when paired with Windows 10, can be used for PC gaming, but also has two profiles, saves up in the mystical cloud, and will remember your settings between computer and console games. Though we wont see that until later this year, it could be the beginning of what’s to come from Microsoft and Xbox.

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