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Utrip partners with JetBlue to combine AI and human expertise in airline’s trip-planning portal

Andrea on June 26, 2017 - 12:10 pm in Life
JetBlue Vacations

(JetBlue Vacations screen grab)

Planning a vacation with the help of artificial intelligence just got a boost thanks to JetBlue and its new partnership with Utrip, the Seattle startup that combines local experts and machine learning to create travel itineraries.

The two companies announced a trip-planning portal available through JetBlue Vacations that stitches together flights, hotels, must-see sites, activities, restaurants and more to save users time on mapping out a vacation.

Utrip, which closed a $4 million funding round in February, has a database of more than 150 destinations, with experiences selected by locals. The JetBlue Vacations integration will allow travelers to easily plan for trips in the U.S., Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean.

JetBlue Vacations

(JetBlue Vacations screen grab)

“When you hear artificial intelligence, it’s easy to envision a far-off future seen in the movies,” Umang Gupta, president JetBlue Vacations, said in a news release. “But AI is ready to change how we now plan travel. Our partnership with Utrip demonstrates that we can transform the vacation experience using both technology and a human touch.”

The service kicks in when users enter their destination and travel dates in the portal. They then rank travel preferences in 16 categories, such as history, food, nightlife and budget. Utrip’s AI algorithm sorts through millions of potential combinations of sites, activities and restaurants and suggests a daily itinerary with recommended times and maps.

“At Utrip, we are always striving to make travel an unforgettable experience,” Utripfounder and CEO Gilad Berenstein said in the release. “By collaborating with JetBlue Vacations, we’re excited to further our commitment to help our partners enhance their relationships with travelers, empowering them to discover new destinations and create lasting memories.”

JetBlue Vacations

(JetBlue Vacations screen grab)

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