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4K Blu-ray discs and players to arrive next year

Andrea on September 12, 2014 - 4:32 pm in News
Most people today enjoy watching TV and movies at home using a 1080p-capable display. It’s the standard, and most of our paid-for entertainment is streamed or played in standard HD. 4K TVs are starting to appear, but beyond Netflix, there isn’t much content support yet.That is set to change before the end of 2015 as a 4K Blu-ray disc and the hardware required to play them is set to be launched. Licensing will be finalized in the first half of next year, and then the hardware and 2160p discs will appear in time for the holiday season along with an inevitable premium price.


Victor Matsuda, Chairman of the Blu-ray Disk Association Global Promotions Committee, has confirmed this information, but also that 4K Blu-ray is expected to sell for a higher price than standard Blu-ray at point of sale. It’s going to be the same situation as when Blu-ray first launched and pricing was double or more of DVDs. Those two formats are now much closer in price, and the same will happen to 4K discs as the market matures.

For those consumers already choosing 4K TVs, the introduction of the new disc will be welcomed. Sure, you can stream 4K content, but it requires a much faster connection than typical HD streaming and eats up a lot more bandwidth. Buying on disc, especially for movies and box sets, will be preferred in the near future I’d imagine. That is, if the cost isn’t too prohibitive.

Early adopters will have to buy yet another new disc player, but it will no doubt be backwards compatible with Blu-ray and DVD, and there should also be upscaling as an option. However, if, like me, you’re more than happy to stick with standard 1080p Blu-ray for the time being, 4K Blu-rays will eventually replace them and the players will come right down in price.

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