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Google is hiring Fiber sales staff in NYC

Andrea on April 14, 2014 - 7:30 pm in News
There are two types of people when it comes to Google Fiber: people who have it and people who want it. Unfortunately, there are a lot more of the latter while Google slowly picks places to deploy its sweet, sweet gigabit internet connections. An update to Google’s hiring page might have revealed one of the next steps in the plan for Google Fiber, and it’s sure to make residents of New York more than a little excited.

It was only two months ago that Google announced 34 new cities it plans to bring Fiber, and it surprised exactly no one that the number of major US cities on that list was near zero. Fiber isn’t service that can be activated just by flipping a switch, in fact there’s a great deal involved in the installation process. For densely populated areas, that means the costs associated with the install — once they have been approved by the local government — is not only expensive but disruptive.

Even so, Google’s New York office is looking to add staff whose job is to sell Fiber to businesses, apartment complexes, and condos, which seems to hint which city is next on Google’s list.

The employment listing for is looking for a “Google Fiber Regional Sales Manager” who will be based in NYC and will manage a team of people that “evangelize Google Fiber services to MDU (multi-dwelling apartments and condos) and large SMB owners.” We don’t know for a fact that the selling will be focused on NYC, but it sounds quite possible given the description.

A listing like this doesn’t mean much in the way of timeframe, but it does point to a location that Google has not yet announced its intention to focus on. NYC is a city in desperate need of a new ISP, one that can deliver the kind of service Google has been able to offer in other Fiber deployments. This would likely come at the price points Google has offered everywhere else, meaning it will be very difficult for the local competition –mainly Verizon and Time Warner — to offer anything comparable.

Choosing Google’s gigabit service over NYC’s much-hated Time Warner service would be a no-brainer, and if Google is able to successfully deploy its free 5Mb service in those same areas, it will be a huge deal for everyone involved. Verizon does have a foothold in NYC with FiOS but the coverage is far from complete (as every resident in Brooklyn agrees) and still can’t match Fiber’s speed.

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