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Mysterious accident depicts van flying around in ways it shouldn’t

Andrea on December 11, 2015 - 12:29 am in News


Either this is an elaborate promotion for the new X-Files miniseries, or things in China have gotten really, really weird. Video surfaced on LiveLeek over the weekend of an unusual car accident. Like, sci-fi level strange. Three cars at an intersection appear to lift up in the air around the same time. As if some force caused them to levitate.

It wasn’t a smooth leap into the air, as if being beamed up by some space ship. It was a sudden jerk and pull, with two vans wheels appearing to get entangled on something, causing one of them to roll over on its side, while a car making a right turn seemed to hit the same force, which jerked its back wheels up, stopping the vehicle in its tracks. One of the vans was even at a complete stop when it was violently lifted into the air, and suddenly falls back to the ground.

Could all of this really be some strange ley line intersecting to create an inexplicable event? Of course not.

Central China Television spoke with one of the van drivers to solve this mystery that has set the internet aflame since the video appeared. The explanation is far more banal than anyone who flirts with the unknown would like to hear: It was a fallen cable wire that the cars got tripped up on.

CCTV even caught up with the driver of the van to get his take on it all, and he said that a street sweeper had gotten snagged on the cable, causing it to pull taught across the street, which caused the other cars to get tangled up and pulled around like objects caught on a fishing line.

There you have it. We can close the case on the mysterious levitating cars of China, for now. But it does remind us that we’re just over a month away from the return of the X-Files!

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