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New $5 service will cancel your Comcast in 5 minutes

Andrea on October 11, 2015 - 1:07 pm in News


Have you ever suffered the pain of trying to cancel your cable and internet service? The endless mashing of “0” to get to an operator, since there is no easy option for “cancel your service.” Sure, you can change your service or upgrade it — but cancel it? It becomes a long ordeal in which you are tricked and sometimes berated into keeping your service, or else. Comcast is particularly bad about this.

A new service is hoping to expedite that harrowing process for you, among many other aggravating ordeals that could tie you up on the phone for hours and leave you exhausted, or incensed, afterward. AirPaper will handle all the nastiness of nixing your Comcast plan for a mere $5.  $5 for peace of mind and a bit of sanity feels like a steal.

The geniuses (or masochists) behind this are Earl St Sauver and Eli Pollak, two Bay Area tech gurus who, from the sound of it, have paid their own iron price in dealing with phone trees and unhelpful customer service operators. Now they just want to help other people avoid the hassle of canceling their cable plans.

The service is pretty straightforward, you provide your name, email, phone, address, and Comcast account number. That’s where things might get tricky for some people, giving up that information to a third party to do what they will. Their FAQ states they wont use your personal information for anything but the intended purpose, but it’s best to always be aware of these sorts of things.

Still, if $5 and giving up your Comcast account number is worth not having to deal with them yourself, it seems like a pretty good bargain. The company hopes to expand to helping people solve other hair pulling problems, like getting a parking permit in San Francisco, or renewing your visa to China. You know, helpful things.

Until those other programs get off the ground, you can take comfort in knowing someone else is willing to have your back when you want to cancel Comcast.

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