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Sonder is a $199 E Ink mechanical keyboard you can customize on the fly

Andrea on June 18, 2015 - 8:01 am in News
Mechanical keyboard are pretty great. Customizable keyboards are great, too. Now there’s a company that wants to combine the two, and they’re using tiny E Ink displays to let you personalize every single key.

Sonder Design is an Australian company, and the first product they plan to release looks a lot like a concept we saw drawn up a couple of years ago. It’s a bit like the amazing (and amazingly overpriced) Optimus Maximus keyboard designed by Art.Lebedev years ago, only with monochrome keys.


The Sonder Keyboard is a bit more versatile, too. In addition to being able to design fully customized layouts for everything from Photoshop to GTAV, Sonder has built in Bluetooth support. So in addition to being able to connect it to a PC, Mac, or a Linux box, you can also pair it with an iPad, Android or Windows tablet, PlayStation, or just about anything else that supports Bluetooth input devices.

Prefer to leave input lag out of the equation? Not a problem. Just hook up the Sonder Keyboard with the supplied (and chic-looking) USB cable instead. Can’t live without your macros? No worries. You can assign them to a spot on your personalized layouts. Its keys are illuminated, too, so you can stay on target even in the dark.

If you want to snag one for $199, you’ll have to pre-order or pledge. Sonder is taking advance order on their own website now, and they’ll be taking it to Kickstarter soon. After that, it looks like the company plans to sell it for around $350 — which is still a bargain compared to the $1,500 Optimus Maximus.

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