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SwivelCard smart business card impresses with tasteful thickness, subtle off-white coloring

Andrea on August 27, 2014 - 11:12 am in News
The sort of people who are handed business cards are usually handed a lot of them. This has led to various clever and not so clever ways to make cards stand out, but swivelCard is a new one. This is a business card printed on slightly thicker than usual cardstock that folds up to reveal a slim USB port that can be plugged into a computer. The creators were looking for $10,000 funding on Kickstarter and almost immediately blew past that goal. If a smart business card doesn’t get you noticed, nothing will.

The USB drive section of the swivelCard looks like one of those miniature USB thumbdrives that lacks the metal frame around the contacts. You just have to slide it into the space where the contacts would usually be slotted by a full-sized plug. So what about the capacity? Well, it’s probably something very small. The data isn’t actually on the card, but that might be a good thing.

Each swivelCard connects to a back-end service that directs the user to a web resource of your choice. For example, you can link to a Dropbox document or a live meeting. You can also change the link after you’ve given out the card and see the statistics on all the cards you have in the wild–how many are being used, where they are, and so on. The “premium” version of the swivelCard even has NFC so it can be used with a smartphone or tablet without a full-sized USB port.

Is there a catch? Sort of. The swivelCards are pretty expensive. You have to pledge $319  to get a pack of 200 standard swivelCards printed up. There are cheaper mini-cards (40 for $79) as well as the more expensive NFC ones ($379 for 200). Considering the campaign has already gone way past its goal, people seem to be willing to pay for a smart business card. You’ve got until September 10th to get in on this.

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