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This tool tells you the install size of every Xbox One and PS4 game

Andrea on December 6, 2015 - 5:57 am in Gadgets, News


The holiday season is here and hard drives are filling up with games. Nothing kills the mood more than nearing the end of a game install only to find there’s insufficient space on the system’s hard drive. Before you install a fresh game, there’s now an easy way to find out if you’ll have to do some quick hard drive management to clear some space.It’s all thanks to some handy lists crafted by Finder.com. The site specializes in providing detailed information about a variety of products, and one of the most recent additions to the site features a complete list of PS4 and Xbox One game install sizes. The list can be sorted by title, release date, and size. (Did you know Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition is 58.375GB?)

Interesting fact: if you had 10 of the largest games installed on either system, you’d be skirting very close to reaching the 500GB cap (if you opted for that hard drive capacity).

The truth of the matter is that Finder.com is a tool to help some of us avoid the inevitable. After all, most of us could avoid this constant reorganization of our hard drives by just taking the time to expand it. The PS4’s hard drive is easy to take apart and upgrade (if you have the right tools), and Nyko has released 6TB data bay. Xbox One, on the other hand, doesn’t make swapping out the hard drive an easy project, like PlayStation. However, the Xbox One does allow for expansion via an external hard drive. The result isn’t quite as speedy, but it’s easier to plug in a USB than taking a system apart.

Whether you decide to continue to tinker with your hard drive or replace it or not, may the holidays be kind to you and your gaming endeavors.

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