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Watch a tattoo needle doing its thing in slow motion

Andrea on May 7, 2014 - 12:28 pm in Science
Anyone who has ever been in a tattoo shop knows the sound of the tattoo machine buzzing away as it lays down line after line of ink. Behind the buzz is a tiny an electromagnetic circuit that plunges a needle into the skin 80-150 times per second. In a video from French tattoo artist GueT, you can see what’s making all that racket up close and in slow motion. You’ll probably be surprised how much the skin vibrates.

Most modern tattoo machines, like the one in this video, are of the coil variety. They use an electromagnetic circuit to move the needle up and down, but some machines now use rotary motors to drive the needle. All modern implements allow artists to control speed, depth, and force of application.

In the video you can see how little the needle has to puncture the skin — it’s just pushing the pigment down to the dermis where it will be trapped in fibroblasts indefinitely. Not all tattoo needles look like the one we see here. Others have the individual needles spread out in a brush configuration for shading and filling in shapes. Though, it seems that GueT is big on linework tattoos that replicate textures on the skin, which doesn’t call for much shading.

This video is a pretty mesmerizing three minutes with a cool soundtrack, and it seems to have been cut together in such a way that you’re seeing lots of the needle doing its thing, and none of the bloody mess that comes with it. So, don’t let squeamishness stop you from clicking.

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