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How to watch the total lunar eclipse tonight

Andrea on April 15, 2014 - 11:54 pm in Science
Total Lunar Eclipse
Every now and then, celestial bodies align in such a way that weird stuff happens in space and we can view it. Occasionally, our celestial body, Earth, is a participant in a rare space dance and it provides us with a view of the choreography. One of those rare space dances will be taking place tonight, and if you happen to live somewhere in America — regardless of light pollution and smog levels — you’ll be able to take a gander at Earth’s shadow as it sprawls out across the Moon.At 12:53AM EST tonight (or, technically tomorrow morning), Earth’s shadow will begin to slowly cast over the Moon, culminating in a total lunar eclipse by 3:06AM EST. When a total lunar eclipse takes place, the Moon doesn’t just become darker like when your shadow is cast over the sidewalk. Instead, it becomes a coppery red-brown thanks to the refracted light from our planet’s atmosphere. If your naked-eye view isn’t a high enough definition, you can check out the cast from various sources, such as the Slooh livestream below:Slooh is a robotic telescope that can be viewed live through a web browser, so the above stream should provide a decent view of the event. NASA will also have a livestream available, which you can watch here.Normally, total lunar eclipses are years apart, but this year and the next offer four total eclipses to check out. The first is tonight, followed by October 8 of this year, while 2015 hosts one on April 4, and the last one on September 28. For now, though, you can tune into one of the above live feeds, or tune into your local sky.

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